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Aggressive Behaviour

Aggression can a problematic for children with together normal development and those with psychosocial disorders. Aggression founds intended harm to additional individual, even if the effort to harm fails (such as a bullet fired from a gun that misses its human target). There is no single theory about the causes of destructive behaviour in humans. Some consider aggression is innate or natural. Social theorists advise the breakdown in usually shared values, variations in traditional family patterns of child-rearing, and social separation lead to increasing aggression in children, adolescents, and adults. Aggression in children relates with family redundancy, strife, criminality, and psychiatric disorders. Modifications exist between planes of aggression in boys and girls in the same relatives. Boys are almost continually more aggressive than girls. Bigger children are more aggressive than reduced ones. Active and invasive children are also extra aggressive than passive or reserved ones.

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