Journal of Food Technology and Preservation

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Research Article - Journal of Food Technology and Preservation (2023) Volume 7, Issue 3

Sensory evaluation and acceptability of vegetable biscuit.

Higher intakes of fruits and vegetables rich in micronutrients have been associated with better mental health. Thus, healthy eating patterns are important to establish during early childhood because they may continue to adulthood. The study was undertaken to improve intake of vegetables among children through the preparation of vegetable biscuit of acceptable quality. The sensory evaluation was conducted on 60 children using a Likert scale to evaluate the coded samples. The following attributes were used to evaluate the samples; colour, taste, flavor, texture and overall acceptability. All the data obtained were analyzed statistically to determine the level of significance of variation in observations caused by the changes in the biscuit’s formulations. The proximate and mineral composition was also analyzed and findings ascertained. Children overall evaluated sample B which was made up of wheat flour 75% & 25% carrot the highest and most preferable. Parents have a major role to play in the vegetable consumption by children. The carrot and spring onion enriched biscuits contained greater amount of protein, fibre, mineral, ash, moisture content than the control sample. The carrot and spring onion enriched biscuits contained more acceptable in terms of sensory and proximate characteristics.

Author(s): Adelaide Spio-Kwofie1, Josephine Abakah-Turkson2

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