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Opinion Article - Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (2022) Volume 5, Issue 5

Hurdle-based innovations of ultrasound in food preservation.

It is being investigated whether ultrasound can be used in conjunction with existing or new food preservation techniques in order to increase the scope of ultrasound's application in the food industry. The objective of this survey was to investigate the most generally utilized customary food protection ultrasound mix advancements, known as obstacle innovation. Utilizing ultrasound-based obstacle mixes will be inspected for their benefits, detriments, and expected future difficulties. To represent headways in food protection innovation utilizing ultrasound-based obstacles since the turn of the thousand years, the area of the review and the kind of diary were not thought about to incorporate all suitable wellsprings of ability. Food conservation innovations in light of ultrasound and sanitation examination might help. In spite of broad investigation into various mixes of this new innovation with conventional obstacles, future exploration, advancement, execution, and commercialization difficulties will be various

Author(s): Dalal Alrubaishi*

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