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Research Article - Journal of Food Microbiology (2018) Volume 0, Issue 0

Edible transparent coating of irradiated oligo-chitosan to preserve aesthetic view and taste of litchi fruit.

In this research, the effect of radiation-processed oligo-chitosan on post-harvest loss of litchi fruit was investigated. Different concentrations of irradiated (40 kGy) chitosan solution (500, 1000 and 1500 ppm) were sprayed on litchi fruits both in stalked and stalkless form. Then the treated and untreated litchis were stored in different atmospheric conditions such as at (a) room environment (open and polythene covered) and (b) at 4°C in zip-bag. Fruits coated with irradiated chitosan showed significant delays in the change of weight loss, aesthetic view and microbial count as compared with the uncoated control fruits. The best result was achieved for storage in room temperature at 1500 ppm irradiated chitosan sprayed litchis, where up to 7 days litchis were in good quality. Further improvement was achieved by keeping the litchis in zip lock bag at 4°C. In this case, litchis maintained edible quality with proper aesthetic view up to 21 days. Peeled litchis were also stored at 4°C in air-tight jar in formulated chitosan solution where they maintained edible quality up to 4 months.

Author(s): Sakila Jesmin, Abdullah-Al-Jubayer, Tonmoy Debnath, Jahid M M Islam, M Samsur Rahaman, A.H. M. Kamal1, M Saifur Rahaman, Shariff E Kabir, Mubarak A khan*

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