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Articles in press and Articles in process

Research Article P.1-5

Prevalence of Shigella sp. in Dodo-Ikire (An over-riped plantain based-snack) in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

Author(s): Oknlawn Taiwo*


Review Article P.1-5

Bifidobacteria probiotic: prevention and treatment of obesity.

Author(s): Priyanka Dhyani

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Research Article P.1-11

COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts Public Health and Food Security of Animal Industry.

Author(s): R M Al-Atiyat, MJ Tabbaa

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Commentary P.12-12

Effects of junk food on daily life

Author(s): Karthik Nagothi

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Editorial P.13-13

Control strategies for microbial food spoilage

Author(s): Janice Kinman

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Commentary P.15-15

Microbial biodeterioration of food

Author(s): Karthik Nagothi

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Commentary P.14-14

Use of food additives in our daily lives

Author(s): Janice Kinman

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Research Article P.1-6

Impact of mode of assumption and food matrix on probiotic viability.

Author(s): Valeria Sagheddu*, Marina Elli, Carolina Biolchi, Jessica Lucido, Lorenzo Morelli

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Research Article P.12-14

Presence of pathogenic bacteria in ground beef during consumer thawing and food-handling habits.

Author(s): Lea A. Kinman*, Maria Barbara Mora Garcia, Janice Speshock, Randy M. Harp

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