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Review Article - Journal of Food Microbiology (2018) Volume 0, Issue 0

Beneficial effects of the synbiotic kefir on the neural control of cardiovascular function.

The microbiota, a natural community of trillions of microorganisms colonizing the gastrointestinal ecosystem, maintains a mutual interaction with different organs and systems of the host. This complex bidirectional interaction occurs via neural, circulatory, hormonal, immune and inflammatory systems, in addition to biogenic compounds and mediators originated in the gut microbiota. The present review is focused on the effects of prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics on the mechanisms of neural autonomic control of cardiac rhythm and baroreflex control of blood pressure. Approaches that can be used to evaluate the cardiac vagal tone and sympathetic tone, and to evaluate the baroreflex control of arterial blood pressure are also detailed in this review.

Author(s): Elisardo C Vasquez, Silvana S Meyrelles, Agata L Gava, Bianca P Campagnaro, José Gil-Longo, Manuel Campos-Toimil, Thiago M C Pereira

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