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Tumor is an atypical mass of tissue this is formed due to odd boom or out of control division of cells. Benign tumor  is a Tumor which does not have capability to invade surrounding tissues. As they may be missing the capability to invade neighboring cells they're called noncancerous. The boom charge of benign tumor is typically sluggish when as compared to that of malignant tumor. Benign tumors may remain with epithelium or surrounded with the aid of outer surface. Moles and uterine fibroids are maximum commonplace examples of benign tumors. Although most of the benign tumors aren't deadly but some of them have potential to end up malignant through a manner of tumor progression and turns into lifestyles threatening. Internal Medicine Open Access, an legitimate journal of the articles associated with dementia. The journal is subjecting all the received manuscripts to a strict peer review system. The articles published in the magazine are Open Access i.e., freely reachable to readers all around the world. Internal Medicine Open Access is keeping the first-class of articles through its strict peer review process.

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