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The Journal of Climate Change provide a unique opportunity to authors globally to converse their studies to people in other climate-related disciplines and to interested non-disciplinarians, as well as to report on research in which the originality is in the combinations of work from several disciplines. The journal includes articles dedicated to the totality of the problem of climatic variability and change, offers contributors the opportunity to communicate the essence of their studies to people in other climate-related disciplines, includes a Letters section for short articles on new findings, literature reviews, on the other hand, provide a summary of what the authors believe are the best and generally pertinent earlier publications. The journal provides a forum for innovative and systematic interdisciplinary research from energy generation and storage and causes of climate change to impacts of energy technologies, climate change. The published papers are made highly visible to the scientific community through a wide indexing policy freely available through online without any restrictions or any other subscriptions to researchers worldwide. Hence, they can freely be accessed and utilized by everyone for the development of science and technology.

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