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Research opportunities for recycling organic textile wastes

2nd International Conference on Green Energy & Technology
April 08-09, 2019 | Zurich, Switzerland

Aishwariya Sachidhanandham

Avinashilingam University for Women, India

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : Environ Risk Assess Remediat

DOI: 10.4066/2529-8046-C1-002


Textile is one of the important industries to mankind and its growth is ever increasing. It holds a quintessential position supplying the needs of a new born to the dead and in some culture even the afterlife beliefs as it meets one of the essential factors for survival. Clothing today has extended its horizon and it extends from protection against extreme temperatures to establishing a social image for a person. It is possible to reach moon and mine with the help of clothing. It is the dark side that more production results in more pollution. Now, wastes (pollutants) are seen as a wealth potential. Especially the organic waste that has less chemicals can be recycled into a sustainable product. This paper deals with sharing the findings of the research that focused on bio-managing the hitherto polluting cotton textile waste into bio-manure, handmade paper, absorbent wipes, composites and bio-mass briquettes. It can serve as an eye opener to the fraternity involved in exploring green energy and sustainable recycling technologies.


Aishwariya Sachidhanandham is a University Gold Medalist for both Bachelors and Master’s degree programme specializing in Textiles, Clothing and Fashion. Her doctoral work was funded by the Department of Science and Technology, India under INSPIRE fellowship - AORC scheme provided for university rank holders. She is a recipient of Young Scientist Award 2011 (Lucknow, India) and an award for Best oral presentation 2012 (Surat, India). To her credentials, she has two patents filed, International and National publications as research papers, review articles, proceedings, chapters and as books. She holds membership with various professional bodies and also serves as part of editorial team. Her on-going research at the University focuses on conversion of textile waste into handmade paper. Sustainability, waste management and research on recycling are her area of research interests. 

E-mail: aishu55@gmail.com

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