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Fisheries Management

Fisheries management draws on fisheries science to formulate rules and regulations that outline where, how, and the way many fish are often caught annually. The aim is to permit us to reap the maximum amount as possible without destabilizing the fragile marine ecosystem, thus ensuring the supply of fresh-caught fish to future generations. Fisheries managers check out data provided by scientists and use complex models to predict how present fishing efforts will affect the longer-term numbers of varied species and distinct genetic populations (“stocks”). If a particular species or stock is identified as being threatened or endangered, fishing may need to be strictly limited or maybe prohibited in broad areas to permit the fish to recover. a part of the mission of Project CROOS and Pacific Fish Trax is to raised understand the situation and migration patterns of every stock in order that limits or closures of fisheries are often as specific as possible. this may help us still protect our surroundings and natural resources without destroying the livelihoods of the humans who depend upon the ocean to survive.

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