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The kinetics of conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide on the surface of mixed nano-catalyst in the closed system

7th World Congress on Chemistry
November 13-15, 2017 Athens, Greece

Sadig Hasanov, Hokrnan Mahmudov and Islam Mustafayev

Institute of Radiation Problems - National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan

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In this article, the kinetics of oxidation process of carbonmonoxide on the nano-catalyst surface was investigated. The investigation was conducted in the different flow conditions and temperature, at the temperature range of 70-350°C (by the range of 6T=70-350°C), depending on the kinetic conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide in the closed system. It is determined that the speed of conversion process increases (by) 1.30-1.32 times as temperature increases on the surface of catalyst. The conversion of carbon-monoxide to carbondioxide runs more rapidly at the low flow rates. Nano-catalyst (are) introduced and tested in a process of neutralizing harmful emissions is presented in this investigation.


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