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Diabetes Mellitus:


Diabetes mellitus may be a disorder during which blood glucose (glucose) levels are abnormally high because the body doesn't produce enough insulin to satisfy its needs. Urination and thirst are increased, and other people may reduce albeit they're not trying to. Diabetes damages the nerves and causes problems with sensation. Diabetes prevents your body from properly absorbing energy from the food you eat because you're can't make insulin or because you cannot use it correctly. There is no cure, but treatments allow you to manage your condition. Diabetes mellitus may be a disease that forestalls your body from properly using the energy from the food you eat. Diabetes occurs in one among the subsequent situations: The pancreas (an organ behind your stomach) produces little insulin or no insulin in the least . Insulin may be a present hormone, produced by the beta cells of the pancreas, which helps the body use sugar for energy.

The pancreas makes insulin, but the insulin made doesn't work because it should. This condition is called insulin resistance. To better understand diabetes, it helps to understand more about how the body uses food for energy (a process called metabolism).

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