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3rd International Conference on DIABETES, NUTRITION, METABOLISM & MEDICARE
July 25-26, 2019 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ming-Shu Chen, Chi-Hao Chiu and Hsing-Yi Lee

Oriental Institute of Technology (OIT), Taiwan Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

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With the rapid development of automation technology and work-pattern change, there are more and more sedentary related occupations. This study is focused on metabolic syndrome (MetS) prevalence with the sedentary related occupation in Taiwan adults. The recent researches showed that sedentary behaviours will not only affect health state but also affect cognitive ability. This study used the raw data from the New Taipei City government annual taxi health Examination Survey (From Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, FEMH) (2012– 2016) and the MJ Health-Check- Up-Based Population Database (MJPD) (2012-2016). In order to control the gender effects and to on the results maintain the representative of the analysis, author excluded female cases. There were 2,182 male taxi drivers enrolled from FEMH and 54,680 male cases were enrolled from MJPD. The laboratory data of the two data sets used the same biochemical examination equipment (Hitachi-7600) and all approved by ISO-15189 guidelines. After combining two data-sets, the definition of MetS has based on the National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel (NCEP ATP III) criteria. Age has been proven as an important factor in MetS, so they put all cases into three groups: Age under 40 years-old, 40 to 60 y/o and over 60 y/o. There are 27,010 cases were younger group (age ≤ 40 y/o), 30,481 cases were middle-aged group (between 40 y/o to 60 y/o) and 7,087 cases were elderly group (age > 60 y/o). The young group stands for the largest population of the total records. The MetS prevalence rate was 23.02%, 34.01% and 40.21% for the young, middle age and elderly group, respectively. As the analyzed results, sedentary occupation showed a significant tendency towards MetS. Elderly (40.21%) and Taxi driver (33.41%) got a higher MetS prevalence than other age group and occupation type.


Ming-Shu Chen was the Medical Technologist; he had been graduated from Department of the Industrial Engineering and Management, Yuan-Ze University as PhD and graduated from Department of Institute of Hospital and Health Care Administration, National Yang-Ming University as Master. He with specialists including Health Management; Hospital System Quality Improvement and Chronic Disease Analysis in elderly and practical work experience for more than 20 years, major works at the Health Management Center, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital and Department of Healthcare Administration, Oriental Institute of Technology (OIT) where he has continued his research. Currently he has been working at the OIT, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

E-mail: [email protected]

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