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Cardiac Glycosides

Cardiac glycosides are a class of organic compounds that growth the output force of the heart and boom its rate of contractions through appearing on the cell sodium-potassium ATPase pump. Their useful medical uses are as remedies for congestive heart failure and cardiac arrhythmias; however, their relative toxicity prevents them from being widely used. Most generally located as secondary metabolites in several flowers such as foxglove vegetation, these compounds nonetheless have a various variety of biochemical effects concerning cardiac cell characteristic and have also been counseled to be used in most cancers treatment. The well known structure of a cardiac glycoside includes a steroid molecule connected to a glycoside and an R group. The steroid nucleus includes fused jewellery to which different functional corporations such as methyl, hydroxyl, and aldehyde businesses may be connected to persuade the general molecule's organic activity. Cardiac glycosides additionally vary in the agencies connected at either quit of the steroid. Specifically, one of a kind sugar organizations attached on the sugar end of the steroid can regulate the molecule's solubility and kinetics; however, the lactose moiety at the R group quit handiest serves a structural feature


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