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Dermo-adipose-glandular inferior flap versatility in mastopexy with and without implants: 6-years personal experience

Joint Event on International Conference on Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery & International Conference on Biomarkers
March 11-12, 2019 | London, UK

Dario Rochira

The Private Clinic, UK

Keynote : Case Rep Surg Invasive Proced


In 1969 Dr. Liacyr Ribeiro used the inferior flap technique for the first time on a patient undergoing a breast reduction. Initially the inferior flap technique was described as “pediculo de securidad”, an additional breast flap to use in an emergency if the surgeon removed too much breast tissue while performing a breast reduction. Its blood supply is guaranteed by the perforator vessels coming from the central lower pole of the breast. I use the inferior flap (a dermo-adipose-glandular flap) as an autologous local tissue which works like an implant-thus achieving a conical shape of the breast, fullness of the upper pole and long-lasting uplift. My own experience of performing the inferior flap technique on 190 consecutive patients over the course of 6 years in Italy and in the United Kingdom is presented and discussed. The procedure involves a vertical or T-inverted resection pattern and the tailored inferior flap type 1 as described by L. Ribeiro in mastopexy with and without implants. The inferior flap technique is a safe and reliable technique for mastopexy with and without implant and for breast reduction when performed by well-experienced surgeons.


Dario Rochira is a highly experienced and respected UK cosmetic surgeon who has achieved an outstanding record of patient satisfaction, priding himself on achieving outstandingly natural surgical results for his patients. Qualifying in medicine in 2004, he has specialized in cosmetic surgery in particular since 2012 when he started his own successful private practice and is accredited with the UK General Medical Council sitting on their Plastic Surgery Specialist Register. He is the author of various scientific publications particularly on breast surgery and rhinoplasty and he frequently attends international meetings for lectures. 

E-mail: [email protected]

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