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The plant-powered tsunami - How to ride the wave of the plant-based movement

Joint Event on 27th International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare & International Conference on Nutraceuticals and Food Sciences
Nov 12-13, 2018 | Paris, France

Ron Labez Gandiza

The Plant-Based Society, USA

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Food Sci Nutr


The plant-based movement is growing rapidly with the popularity of plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy, as well as the growing recognition of the undeniable health benefits of plant-based nutrition by the medical profession and the mainstream public. In the past decade, there’s been a 350% increase in the number of people on a plant-based diet in the UK, and in just the last three years, there’s been a 600% increase in the US. In this presentation, Ron Labez Gandiza reveals specific trends in the plant-based movement and how organizations can ride this “plant-powered tsunami.


Ron Labez Gandiza is an international speaker, learning solution architect and cofounder of the Plant-Based Society. His learning solutions have been implemented in more than 10,000 academic institutions and organizations around the world including Microsoft, the US Air Force, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Plant Pure Nation. In addition, he has built online and local support communities with millions of members in over 400 cities around the world in the fields of IT, business, and health and wellness. Ron earned a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and as Chief Marketing Officer for Plant Pure, Inc., he was part of a passionate team that helped to release the Plant Pure Nation documentary in theatres and on Netflix, build a global network of local plant-based support groups, and launch a successful line of healthy whole food, plant-based frozen meals in grocery stores and on Amazon. 

E-mail: [email protected]

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