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The Nursing experience of a renal dialysis patient with Cardiac Failure

Joint Event on 27th International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare & International Conference on Nutraceuticals and Food Sciences
Nov 12-13, 2018 | Paris, France

Bao-Hui Huang

Chi Mei Medical Center, Taiwan

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Purpose: This report illustrates the nursing care experience when assisting a renal dialysis patient who had cardiac failure.

Methods: The nursing period was from March 1to April 30, 2012. We collected data through direct observation and conversation with patient, reviewing the medical records.

Results and Discussion: Using Gorden’s Health Pattern Typology, the nursing assessments demonstrated certain nursing issues including volume overload, activity intoierance and ineffective coping. At first, we prevented the aggravation of cardiac failure by controlling body fluid overload and water intake. We suggested that the patient should improve activity intoierance through using fixity pedals and walking. We also taught the patient how to release his pressure in order to improve the relationship with his family. In addition, through the rehabilitation equipment clearinghouse or physiotherapist’s assistance, it became more convenient for patients to use the rehabilitation equipment. Finally, we wanted to decrease the occurrence of complications of renal dialysis patient through regularly interdisciplinary knowledge exchange and consultation.

Conclusions: We would like to share our nursing experience to provide more information in caring renal dialysis patients with cardiac failure.



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