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New tools in learning Food Science and Technology

4th International Conference on Food Science and Technology
April 08-09, 2019 | Zurich, Switzerland

Saied Ali Barzanian

Stanford University, USA

Keynote : J Food Technol Pres

DOI: 10.4066/2591-796X-C2-007


When you just think about it! Technology has changed our lives in every way. Education - the days when teachers used chalk, dusters, and blackboards are almost at an end. Black has turned to white, in the form of interactive whiteboards. The white chalk is now digital ink. The impact of Technology on food science and technology has been tremendous and extraordinary. Innovation, automation and transformation have the potential to deliver significant overall productivity gains and global prosperity. Digital technology and e-learning made it easier than ever to understand, conceptualizing and analyse faster and more efficient about food science and technology. It provides the most comprehensive and effective instruction about the physical, biological, and chemical makeup of food; the causes of food deterioration; and the concepts underlying food processing. it is infinite with many more to learn beyond the imagination. Digital content has revolutionized the way scholars, researchers and scientists in food science and technology field distribute and access information on virtually every platform.


Saied Ali Barzanian for past 40 years have worked for well-known American organizations such as world recognized institutions UC Berkeley University, Stanford University and ProQuest among others in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco bay area. He have diverse background in both academics and industries. As an e-book specialist and content editor have worked on a wide variety of e-books for well-known international universities, including Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Yale, MIT, and UC Berkeley universities among others educational institutions, and large publishers including Penguin Random House, Elsevier, McGraw-Hill, Wiley and Oxford University Press, As a keynote speaker, he has successfully delivered over 50 conferences including 7 talks, presentations at Stanford University and continue sharing his knowledge and experience to help people around the world. He has earned achievement and recognition awards, prizes and scholarship. 

E-mail: [email protected]

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