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Food on the street and its safety concerns

International Conference on Food safety and Hygiene
September 06-08, 2018 | Edinburgh, Scotland

Rasaq Olanrewaju Oke

FoodpreneurNews, Nigeria

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DOI: 10.4066/2591-796X-C1-003


As a typical Nigerians from the South western region, and a promoter of hygienic ‘Street vended food’, I cannot imagine a day in my life without the popular on-the- go street meal, bean cake (akara), roasted plantain (boli) and ‘suya’ that I ate with passion. Street vended foods are easily accessible and solves major socio-economic problems confronted by both the poor and middles working class because of high paced city life. Most affected are the poor who doesn’t have enough funds to patronize the structured food centers, whose activities are regularly regulated by the appropriate governmental bodies. This invariably exposed the larger population of the unsuspecting consumers to a lot of health hazards. And because of the various unhygienic ways and manners noticed in my day-to-day interaction with these operators of these street vended food operators, owners and managers in the food value chains (processing, production, preservation, packaging and marketing), which gives ample room for unwholesome practices and the risks it poses to the health and safety of consumers and practitioners along the chain. This presentation is out to address a lot of these identified challenges and recommend safety measures. The mission is ‘Ensuring safe feed to achieve safe food practices’ since the food value chain starts from the farm which is completely ignored as a critical control points to the table. The presentation will also highlights the basic safety and hygiene guidelines recommended for the Street foods for operators and consumers in our collaborative efforts adopted with the Lagos State Safety Commission, a newly established agency of government in Nigeria saddled with formulating, regulating and advocating measures relating to safety of lives in the community across socio- economic activities which includes setting of standards, measuring compliance, monitoring and institutional enlightenment. At FoodpreneurNews, food safety is a major concern and it is a collective responsibility of every citizen in order to build a safe society and improve safety culture and compliance among the street foods operators, owners and hawkers. We want to recommend this best practice across the globe.



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