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A four year Healthcare and Leadership track

Joint Event on 27th International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare & International Conference on Nutraceuticals and Food Sciences
Nov 12-13, 2018 | Paris, France

Anne J Gunderson

Georgetown University, USA

Keynote : J Food Sci Nutr


High quality, effective clinical practice in health-care requires health professionals to be a member of multiple teams which must work together and communicate well to deliver effective systems of care. The goal of the Healthcare Leadership (HLT) longitudinal, interprofessional track is to provide young learners with the educational experiences and environment that promote advanced discipline competence, the capacity to obtain career success in their health care related professional field, and a sense of personal and societal responsibility for the delivery of safe, quality care. The track creates continuously learning organizations that generate and transfer knowledge from every patient interaction to yield greater performance predictability and reliability. The interprofessional HLT track provides a paradigm shift which appropriately adjusts the focus on patient care from one of institutional risk management to an integrated and comprehensive emphasis on the delivery of patient safety and quality care. MedStar Health in partnership with Georgetown University has developed multiple competency based teaching and learning opportunities for medical students, residents, physicians, and nursing. The four year track for young learners is embedded within medicine and nursing. The curriculum utilizes multiple learning methods carefully designed to ensure that learning is enhanced over four years. The competencies and curriculum are bold and innovative. Additionally, the partnership between the disciplines is intended to grow to maturity by the end of the overall program.


Anne J Gunderson holds a doctorate in educational leadership, MS, and is a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. She is Associate Dean Innovation in Clinical Education, and Professor of Medicine at Georgetown University. She is also Assistant Vice President for Education, Quality and Safety at MedStar Health, a ten hospital, not for profit company. This year Anne published a book; Shattering the Wall. 


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