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Editorial - Journal of Food Technology and Preservation (2021) Volume 5, Issue 9

Weight management and portion of food intake by athletic.

The increase of obesity has parallel phenomenon with an increase in portion sizes of foods both inside and outside the home. The larger sections may affect the health and takes place in the formation of obesity epidemic. It will be difficult to describe the causal relationship between increasing portion size and obesity. This impact has been incontrovertible for snacks and a range of single meals and shown to persist over a 2-d amount. Despite will increase in intake, people conferred with massive parts usually don't report or reply to inflated levels of fullness, suggesting that hunger and fullness signals are neglected or overridden [1].One strategy to handle the impact of portion size is decreasing the energy density of foods. Many studies have incontrovertible that feeding low-energy-dense foods maintains fullness whereas reducing energy intake. In an exceedingly test, advising people to eat parts of low-energy dense foods was an additional productive weight loss strategy than fat reduction let alone restriction of portion sizes. Feeding satisfying parts of low-energy-dense foods will facilitate to fullness and management hunger whereas limiting energy intake for weight management.

Author(s): Anvari Jami*

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