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Research Article - Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (2022) Volume 5, Issue 3

Quality assessment of palm oils from selected Nigerian markets .

Aim: This study assessed the quality of the palm oils vended in selected regions of Nigeria. A total of sixty (60) 750 mL bottles of red palm oil were purchased from four (4) randomly selected markets in different cities (Aba, Calabar, Lagos and Kano) across Nigeria. The samples were analyzed for physicochemical parameters, heavy metals and Sudan II dye contamination. Methods: The Sudan II dye contents and physicochemical properties were determined using standard methods. Heavy metal contents were determined with an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) Data analysis was carried out with SPSS using one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). Key findings: Results of the physicochemical analysis showed that the moisture content ranged from 0.26-0.35%, peroxide value ranged from 7.81-9.30 meq/kg, saponification value ranged from 219.08-229.10 KOH/g, iodine value ranged from 53.87-58.15 wijs, free fatty acid value ranged from 8.60-8.91 KOH/g and carotene value ranged from 1036.54-1868.02 mg/kg. Sudan II dye level ranged from 250-350 ppm. Significant differences (P<0.05) were observed in all physicochemical parameters analysed. All parameters except carotene and specific gravity had values not within the CODEX/SON/NIS standard. All samples tested positive for Sudan II dyes. However, heavy metals were not detected in the samples. Significance: The results indicated that not only was palm oils vended across the Nigerian market was of poor quality, but also it contained hazardous intentional contaminant. This finding has implication on public health; enhanced awareness might need to be raised.

Author(s): Aniekan S Henshaw*, Ima-Obong Williams, Henry E Peters, Christine A Ikpeme

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