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Abstract - Journal of Food Microbiology (2020) Volume 4, Issue 1

Microbiology 2020: Fever is not a symptom in COVID-19. None of the diseases require fever as its symptom- K M Yacob- Marma Health Centre

We've been hearing for centuries that 'fever is not a disease, but a symptom.' Physicians say that fever is a symptom of diseases such as flu and cancer. The definition, diagnosis and treatment of conservative fever is based on fever as a symptom. All studies related to fever as a symptom of a disease have been conducted without knowing the purpose of fever temperature. Without knowing the purpose of fever temperature, how can fever be included in the definition of symptoms? Can temperatures between 38o and 41o centigrade be a symptom of a disease?

Most diseases cannot have a fever. It disappears sometimes. Then, is fever a symptom of what kind of disease?

Symptom Definition is the only parameter needed for a symptom. As with any or all other definitions, the definition of symptoms should be scientifically described. If it cannot be clearly described, the definition of the symptoms is not used. A symptom is a departure from normal function or sensation that is seen only by the patient, indicating the presence of disease or abnormality. The temperature in the hypothalamus cannot be understood directly. Mechanical equipment is needed to measure the elevated temperature of the hypothalamus. Elevation of body temperature is not included in the concept of symptoms.

Different causes of illness never show the same symptoms. Different causes of diseases like viruses, bacteria, fungi, poison, horror scene, horror dreams, rarely present the same symptoms. Its acts are distinct, and often quite the opposite. During fever, sponging with water is used to reduce the temperature, and then shivering is done to produce heat. Shivering is a heat-producing activity. In physical appearance, the alarm signal of temperature decreases; its behavior is the body's defensive self-defence mechanism. Fever shivering never comes under the definition of 'symptom.' There are no similarities between their actions. Elevated temperature or increased temperature never causes fever or symptoms of fever. It may cause hyperthermia. None of the diseases or causes of illness require fever as their symptom. If the mosquito bites the virus, bacteria, the venom is deposited in the body as a result of the existence and intensity of viruses, bacteria, venom symptoms such as itching, discomfort, and signals such as color change, inflammation may occur. We can see symptoms, signs, and indications of viruses, bacteria, venoms that replicate or spread or harm the body prior to fever. Patients who have cancer with the flu may not have a fever.

A cancer patient develops a fever after being frightened. If the patient has five or six illnesses and the fever is detected, the signs of the fever do not indicate the effects of any other disease. In such a situation, when the fever is healed, our body shows symptoms of other diseases with no symptoms of fever. The nature and strength of viruses, bacteria and venoms cannot be diagnosed with fever. At the same time, the existence and strength of the viruses, the bacteria, the venom will identify the symptoms and signals. So, we can separate the signs, signals, and actions of both fever and disease.

Fever is not a symptom in COVID-19 when tested in various directions. None of the diseases require fever as their symptom. Temperature between 38 and 41 degrees cannot be a symptom of any disease. A different cause of diseases like viruses, bacteria, fungi, venom, horror scene, and horror dreams never show the same symptoms. Opposite illnesses do not exhibit the same symptoms. When the disease is a threat to life or organs, the temperature of the fever is a warning sign of the disease. Fever has never been medically proven to be a symptom of a disease. Fever has the features of adaptation. Fever diagnosis should be updated to match the alarm signal of the disease. New definition, diagnosis and treatment of fever are needed. It is great that a physician with years of experience in the treatment of fever cannot grasp the real definition of fever and that the treatment of fever has little connection to the definition and diagnosis of symptoms. In the early days of my discovery, I thought that fever was a symptom of a disease. I have never had any answers to a single question about the symptoms. That made me discovers the true truth of the fever. I can eliminate the definition of fever, diagnosis and treatment. If you discard this discovery, it would be an injustice to mankind.

Author(s): K M Yacob

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