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Short Communication - Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 2

Foodborne Illness & Food Poisoning

Foodborne illness, more often referred as food poisoning, is the result of eating the contaminated, spoiled, or toxic food. Food poisoning is an illness that is caused by eating contaminated food. It's not usually the serious and most people get better within a few days without many treatments. In most cases of food poisoning, the food is contaminated by several types of bacteria like salmonella or Escherichia coli or a virus, such as the norovirus. The most common symptoms of food poisoning involve nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting. Although it's quite uncomfortable but food poisoning isn't unusual. The main symptom is diarrhoea, often with being sick or weak as well. Diarrhoea is commonly defined as loose or watery stools, usually at least three times in 24 hours. Blood or mucus can appear in the stools with some infections.Crampy pains in your abdomen are common. Pains may ease for a while each time you pass some diarrhoea.You may feel hot one minute and cold and shivery the next minute and achy all over the time. These are symptoms of a high temperature which sometimes develops along with the tummy symptoms.

Author(s): Jilen B.Naser

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