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Mini Review - Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (2022) Volume 5, Issue 4

Food wastage and nanotechnology techniques for food preservation.

Food wastage is a significant issue influencing general wellbeing, the climate and the economy with regards to rising populace and diminishing regular assets. Wastage happens at all stages from collecting to the shopper, calling for cutting edge methods of food conservation. Wastage is primarily because of presence of dampness and microbial creatures present in food. Microorganisms can be killed or deactivated, and cross-defilement by organisms, for example, the Covid infection 2019 (COVID-19) ought to be stayed away from. Dampness evacuation may not be achievable in all cases. Conservation strategies incorporate warm, electrical, substance and radiation methods. Here, we audit the high level food safeguarding methods, with center around natural products, vegetables, refreshments and flavours. We underscore electro thermal, freezing and heartbeat electric field strategies since they permit both microbe decrease and improvement of healthful and physicochemical properties. Ultrasound innovation and ozone treatment are appropriate to protect heat touchy food sources. At long last, nanotechnology in food conservation is talked about. The study introduces a completely new approach to experimental food science, building on the authors' past research in soft matter theory and theoretical polymer physics. "We're right at the intersection of basic science and technical application," Vilgis explained. "With these tools, it is conceivable to generate predictions about how to improve the physical qualities of an alternate sausage — and to make specific improvements."

Author(s): Simon Jack*

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