Journal of Food Technology and Preservation

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Perspective - Journal of Food Technology and Preservation (2022) Volume 6, Issue 12

Food preservation with greenhouse gases is a promising renewable method for improving food safety.

The fast improvement of nanotechnology has changed numerous spaces of food science, particularly those that include the handling, bundling, capacity, transportation, usefulness, and other wellbeing parts of food. An extensive variety of nanostructured materials (NSMs), from inorganic metal, metal oxides, and their nanocomposites to nano-natural materials with bioactive specialists, has been applied to the food business. In spite of the colossal advantages nanotechnology brings to the table, there are arising concerns with respect to the utilization of nanotechnology, as the aggregation of NSMs in human bodies and in the climate can cause a few wellbeing and security risks. Consequently, security and wellbeing worries as well as administrative approaches should be considered while assembling, handling, wisely and effectively bundling, and devouring nano-handled food items. This survey expects to give an essential comprehension in regards to the utilizations of nanotechnology in the food bundling and handling enterprises and to recognize what's in store possibilities and potential dangers related with the utilization of NSMs.

Author(s): Young Kyu*

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