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Short Communication - Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 4

Does Cholesterol from food shows negative impact on cardiac health?

A Now a day the dietary cholesterol had become the most debated nutrient in the food science. The origin of this controversy began when it was found that it is the cause for many underlying cardiac health issues such as cardiovascular failure. After 1815 there were many studies conducted proving that cholesterol is carried in the body by lipoproteins, as there are some kinds of lipoproteins responsible for many metabolic diseases. Cholesterol in texture is a wax like substance present only in the animal kingdom whereas it is absent in the plants and instead the plants have a substance called as phytosterol. Cholesterol and fats do not dissolve in the blood and hence they travel in the body in form of packets which are covered with lipoproteins. In usual cholesterol and fats are important to body since they act as precursors for the synthesis of hormones and Vitamin D. besides healthy benefits they show negative impact when cholesterol becomes excess in form of lipoproteins especially when it is Low density lipoproteins.

Author(s): Francis Lee

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