Journal of Food Technology and Preservation

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Research Article - Journal of Food Technology and Preservation (2022) Volume 6, Issue 1

Development of health and ready to drink health beverage from noni and kokum.

Standardization of blending of noni, kokum extract along with black pepper and cumin oleoresin for the preparation of ready to drink health beverage. The experiment comprised of eight treatments with three replications organized in manner of completely randomized design. The combinations of treatments were arranged in to two sets. Set 1 consists of 12.5 per cent and set 2 consists of 15 per cent overall juice content in RTD. First set have treatment combinations T1 (100% NE), T2 (84%NE: 16% KE), T3 (68% NE: 32% KE), T4 (52% NE: 48% KE) and treatment combinations of second set consists of T5 (NE 100%), T6 (80% NE: 20% KE), T7 (70% NE: 30% KE) and T8 (60% NE: 40% KE). Each 200 ml of RTD contained 20 μl cumin oleoresin and 13 μl black pepper oleoresin and blended RTD filled with 200 ml sterilized glass bottles. Among all the treatment combinations, RTD prepared by using combinations of 52% noni extract and 48% kokum extract reached the highest sensory score for overall acceptability (8.01 score out of 9 point hedonic scale) by a sensory panel with acidity (0.33%) and pH (2.83).

Author(s): Patil P*, Thippanna KS, Jagadeesh SL, Bhuvaneshwari G, Rudresh DL, Kamble A

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