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Research Article - Journal of Food Technology and Preservation (2018) Volume 2, Issue 2

Developing a system for walnut husking to reduce wastewater formation and its comparison with industrial husking system for environmental perspective.

This was the first study aimed to determine possibility of use modified vegetable peeling machine for
green husk removing from walnut without water consumption at different working time and walnut
loadings. Also its success and waste water production were compared with industrial husking machine.
Husking success of both machines were statistically at same group. Modified industrial husking
machine produced only 0.14-0.34 L wastewater (which was a juice of husk) whereas industrial husking
machine produce 3.7-5.7 L wastewater according to their working conditions. These result indicated
that walnut husk can be removed successively without water consumption and wastewater production.
Husk can be obtained at rich content especially water soluble phenolic and phytochemicals. According
to previous literatures these wastewater and husk as a by-product of modified machine was valuable
source for agriculture, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Author(s): Yasin Ozdemir, Seda Kayahan, Ozlem Utku

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