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Research Article - Journal of Food Technology and Preservation (2022) Volume 6, Issue 7

Determination of the physico-chemical properties and proximate composition of the pod samples of samanea saman.

The physico-chemical and proximate composition of Samaea saman pod samples were evaluated. The whole pods, pulp and seeds were analysed using standard procedures. The results of the physico-chemical analysis revealed that the pH of the whole pod, pulp and seed were 4.30, 4.35 and 3.98 respectively. Hence, indicating that he medium is acidic. There is no significant differences between the pH of the whole pod and pulp but differs significantly from the seed. The whole pod has a total titrable acidity (TTA) of 3.08 while the pulp has 2.84 and the seed has a TTA of 3.52. The total soluble solids (TSS) for the pod, pulp and seed were 7.52o Brix, 9.99oBrix and 2.0o Brix respectively. The results of the TTA and TSS indicated that there were significant differences among the samples. The samples have relative densities of 3.62, 3.61 and 3.64 respectively. The acid ratio was found to be 1.41 for the whole pod, 3.52 for the pulp and 0.57 for the seed. The acid ratio of Samanea saman pulp is significantly different from that of the whole pod and seed. The percentage moisture content of the whole pod, pulp and seed were 15.50, 19.30 and 9.20 respectively. The ash contents were 4.70, 2.90, and 2.60 respectively while the crude protein was 13.21, 10.98 and 21.55 respectively. The percentage crude fibre for the samples was 15.95, 6.77 and 8.47 respectively whereas the percentage carbohydrate content was recorded as 47.33, 57.53 and 55.52% respectively. The results of the proximate composition however indicated that all the samples were significantly different (p<0.05). The study indicated that the Samanea saman pod samples have low pH (acidic), low brix level and titrable acidity. Hence, Samanea saman pod samples were found to have high protein and carbohydrate content.

Author(s): Uzoukwu AE, Olawuni IA, Odimegwu EN, Umelo MC, Ofoedum AF

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