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Research Article - Journal of Food Microbiology (2022) Volume 6, Issue 4

Detection of proteolytic activity of Bacillus spp. isolated from cooked and raw food in Khartoum State, Sudan.

The present study was carried out to detect the proteolytic activity of Bacillus species isolated from some sources (beef, milk, chicken, egg and rice). Period of sampling extended from 22/11/2016 to 15/1/2017. A total of fifty isolated samples were collected randomly from public restaurants in Khartoum state, 10 samples from each source, 5 were freshly cooked (10-30 minute before sampling) and 5 were raw. According to the primary and secondary biochemical tests, the total isolated Bacillus from 50 samples was 20 isolates which comprised 40% of total samples. They were Bacillus circulan 5%, Bacillus cereus 5%, Bacillus megaterium 10%, Bacillus macerans 10%, Bacillus licheniformis 5%, Bacillus pamilus 5%, Bacillus subtilis 20%, Bacillus coagulans 15%, Bacillus laterosporus 5%, and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 20%. After isolation of Bacillus spp. the investigation was continued to detect Protease production using milk agar medium, the most productive organism was Bacillus macerans and the lowest one was found to be Bacillus amyloliquefaciens whereas there was no production by Bacillus circulans. The study concluded that Bacillus species were found in all food sources so bacillus genera consider a major cause of food contamination. As well as Cooked food is most contaminant by bacillus than raw food.

Author(s): Adam Bashir Tawor Eldow*

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