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Abstract - Journal of Food Microbiology (2021) Volume 5, Issue 1

Design and Fabrication of a Three Phase Poultry Bird De-feathering

One of the most important aims of poultry production is to obtain meat for consumption in      various quarters. As these meat products are being demanded for, cleanness and hygiene is highly expedient, hence adoption of processing methods which are capable of delivering the required standard. A number of important activities are involved in the production of ready-to-cook poultry products, large percentage of which are labour intensive and these contribute to the high cost of processed poultry meat in the market (Lucas and Adetola, 2013). Defeathering takes the longest duration when done manually, it is tedious and limits the production per time and also allow much contamination due to touches on the skin. Plucking machines, though existing in different forms in many developed countries, its presence in Nigeria is yet unpopular partly because of its cost or poor orientation of the poultry farmers on its functionality and operation parameters. Therefore, exploitation of the mechanical defeathering process by designing, fabricating and evaluating an efficient,strong and easy-to-use defeathering machine is expedient.


Author(s): A. A. ADENIGBA

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