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Mini Review - Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (2022) Volume 5, Issue 5

Current challenges for food packaging and sustainability.

Packaging is an essential element of response to address key challenges of sustainable food consumption on the international scene, which is clearly about minimizing the environmental footprint of packed food. A creative manageable bundling means to address food waste and misfortune decrease by protecting food quality, as well as sanitation issues by forestalling foodborne sicknesses and food compound defilement. Also, it should address the drawn out essential issue of earth relentless plastic waste collection as well as the saving of oil and food material assets. This paper surveys the significant difficulties that food bundling should handle sooner rather than later to enter the temperate circle of round bio-economy. A few arrangements are proposed to address squeezing worldwide stakes as far as food and plastic waste decrease and end-of-life issues of relentless materials. Among expected arrangements, creation of microbial biodegradable polymers from agro-food squander buildups appears to be a promising course to make an imaginative, stronger, and useful waste-based food bundling economy by decoupling the food bundling industry from fossil feed stocks and allowing supplements to get back to the dirt."

Author(s): Robert Smith*

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