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Short Communication - Journal of Food Technology and Preservation (2022) Volume 6, Issue 1

Ancient food refrigeration technique for long-term preservation.

Egg salting is an old strategy of egg conservation dating back hundreds of a long time. The salting prepare brings extra taste and enhance which numerous Asian individuals appreciate. This prepare includes failing intaglio eggs in a NaCl salt arrangement in a inactive circumstance which permits the salt to diffuse through eggshell into the egg white and yolk. Regularly, this prepare would final more than 3 weeks at room temperature depending on how solid the taste required. Long-term salting would moreover initiate certain maturation to form bona fide enhance and taste advancement. In spite of the huge amount of these treated eggs are expended every day, the method remains a craftsmanship and quantitative information is non-existent. In this consider, NaCl dissemination through egg shell has been examined. The strategies and gear utilized and the comes about of estimation of mass diffusivity of NaCl through egg shell are detailed. The temperature reliance work of the diffusivity has been gotten.

Author(s): Chen Rodrigo

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