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Research Article - Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 10

A prelude to standardize the preparation of nah poh: Effect of emulsifying agent and crude palm oil types on the stability of emulsion

In Cameroon there exist a soup known as yellow achu soup or nah poh which preparation requires the production of a non-conventional emulsion using crude palm oil. Due the value attached to the soup by Cameroonians, a study was undertaken to ease the preparatory process in view of its standardisation. A survey was conducted, and data collected were exploited to study the stability of emulsions by the measurement of conductivity and apparent viscosity. The apparent viscosity of emulsion produced using kanwa was higher (103 cP) than that produced with niky (28 cP). Appropriate crude palm oils for nah poh were those with higher phospholipid contents (10.33 ± 3.96 μg/100 g and 9.72 ± 0.93 μg/100 g respectively). The stability of crude palm oil emulsion for nah poh depends on the phospholipids content, acid value, and the emulsifying agent type.

Author(s): Stève Djiazet, Laurette Blandine Mezajoug Kenfack*, ClergE TchiEgang

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