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Journal of Food Microbiology is an open access, peer reviewed journal dedicated to project the role of microbes in strengthening as well as contaminating the food we eat by providing a comprehensive overview on microbial activity on the food processing, preservation, enriching nutrient values, and food safety.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Food Microbiology aims to cater to the needs of dieticians, nutritionists, medical practitioners, healthcare providers, food processing industries, academicians and students indulged in studying the role of microbes in enriching and contaminating the food we consume. The journal thus features original research articles, review articles, case studies, editorials, perspectives, and commentaries. The mission of the Journal of Food Microbiology is to share and disseminate the latest research developments on topics including; Food Safety, Fermentation, Probiotics, Microbial Pathogens, Anti-microbial preservatives, Food additives, Microbial contamination, Food poisoning, Edible microbial colourants, Food Service, and Processing, biofilm contamination, and Food borne diseases.

The journal constitutes its Editorial-Board comprising scholars from all over the world to explore the food microbiology research to strengthen this field of study.

You may submit manuscripts online at: or you may send the article as an email attachment to: [email protected]

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