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Journal of Advanced Surgical Research

2017: Volume 1, Issue 1
  • Review Article
    Utilization of Micrornas in Colorectal Cancer: A Review
    Buria Naeem and Adil Ayub
  • Research Article
    Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NCH) followed by abdominal radical trachelectomy (ART) in cervical cancer: long term follow up results of the Buenos Aires experience
    Alejandro Soderini, Alejandro Aragona, Evangelina BonavĂ­a, Horacio Moschen, Martin Mendez, Rosa Garrido, Diana Martinez, Nicasio Cuneo.
  • Case Report
    Acute Thromboembolism in Spleen Due to Clot in Left Atrial Appendages in Rheumatic Mitral Stenosis
    Dr.Jayesh Trivedi MD
  • Research Article
    Histomorphological spectrum of meningioma with variants and grading
    Abu Khalid Muhammad Maruf Raza ,Ferdous Ahmed, Tajrin Akter Munni,Zabed Ahmed Mitu,Shahriar Masood
  • Research Article
    Nine new universal public health measures
    Samuel A. Nigro
  • Case Report
    Frequency of stroke with relation to modifiable risk factors with an emphasis on hypertension; in a Karachi based tertiary care hospital
    Sumera Nawaz, Farzeen Tanwir, Mubashir Riaz, Faisal Ziauddin, Umer Jahangir , Nael Alvi, Fahad Bawani