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Current Issue

2018: Volume 2, Issue 1

Research Article P.1-32

Our experience of 20 cases of mucocele

Author(s): Sambhaji g.chintale, kirdak vilas , landge sonali ,shaikh kaleem

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Research Article P.1-39

Relationship of prophetic factors associated with antioxidative, immune system and micronutrients status in breast cancer patients underwent surgical procedures.

Author(s): Arif Malik, Maira Mahmood Bukhari, Mahwish Arooj, Rabia Rasool, Sulayman Waquar, Mahmood Husain Qazi

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Research Article P.1-20

Food for thought: skills of a Michelin starred restaurant potentially transferable to theater

Author(s): Arifa Siddika, Damian Bragg, Rebecca Noall, Bryn Baxendale, Satwant Bains, Charles A Maxwell-Armstrong

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Research Article P.1-9

Evaluation of heart valve prosthesis implantations, infections and related extrapolated costs.

Author(s): Claudia Schrimpf, Miriam Schaper, Julia Umminger, Saad Rustum, Christian Kuehn, Michaela Wilhelmi, Axel Haverich and Mathias Wilhelmi.

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