Current Trends in Cardiology

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Physiological Functions

Physiology basically focuses at features of diverse systems, which can be depending on the presence of the certain factors together with ions, molecules, protons. Their concentration performs a very important function in normal and unusual physiological functioning, which further has a negative effect over the opposite pathways which might be depending on the product of the former ones. An instance for this will be depicted as Calcium; the maximum considerable mineral in vertebrates is an essential ion. It performs an important role in a whole lot of physiological capabilities which include structural and signalling functions. Therefore, the control of calcium concentrations within the blood and extracellular fluid is essential to keep the ordinary capabilities of the cells as well as the prevention of calcium accumulation within the cells. Normally, the enter and output of calcium is adjusted to the physiological needs of the body. Either in everyday or disturbed calcium homeostasis, cells will have a way to control events to shield them from cytotoxicity.

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