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Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Open Access


Journal of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs represents one among the leading International online platforms for communication and exchange of scholarly information on the present and prevailing laws and therefore the regulatory concepts as applicable to the event and commercialization of pharmaceutical & biomedical products; food; beverages; biotech products and cosmetics originating from across the planet .

The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles under open access creative commons attribution license terms and are of immense relevance to the pharmacy students, physicians, clinicians, pharmaceutical & biopharmaceutical industrialists, regulatory affair professionals, manufacturers of medical devices and equipment, practicing attorneys, regulators, also as academic and research community engaged within the designing and development of latest drugs.

The journal offers wide coverage of topics including trends and guidelines of varied National and International regulatory agencies, Pharmacovigilance, new drug application processes, protocols of achieving regulatory compliance, legislative revisions, regulatory approvals, marketing practices, also because the formulation & streamlining of excellent manufacturing practice. The journal’s core focus is on the procedures, protocols, standards & policies, pharmaceutical regulations, internal control and quality assurance of drug development.

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