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Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are usually defined as metals with comparatively elevate densitiesatomic weights, or atomic numbers. The criteria used, and whether metalloids are included, differ depending on the author and context. In metallurgy, for example, a heavy metal may be define on the basis of density, while in physics the distinguishing condition might be atomic number, while a chemist would likely be more apprehensive with chemical behaviour. More exact definitions have been published, but none of these have been extensively accepted. The definitions surveyed in this article include up to 96 out of the 118 known chemical elements; only mercurylead and bismuth meet all of them. in spite of this lack of agreement, the term (plural or singular) is extensively used in science. A density of more than 5 g/cm3 is sometimes quoted as a commonly used principle and is used in the body of this article.

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