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3D printing: coming of age and transforming your business

3d Printing Conference Innovation,Modelling, Application & Implementation
October 05-06, 2017 | Las Vegas, USA

Richard Garrity

Stratasys, USA

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : J Biomed Imag Bioeng


Come and learn how 3D printing has been driving true change across industries by improving product innovation and time to market, streamlining traditional manufacturing processes and reducing costs. And while the technology plays a strategic role in many of the world’s leading manufacturers, customers are now taking the next step into Industry 4.0 - aligning additive manufacturing with the factory floor.This transformation is real, with analysts estimating an economic impact of $230 - $550 billion per year by 2025 across consumer products, direct product manufacturing and tooling/mold manufacturing. By attending this session, attendees will discover new opportunities for growth and leadership – understanding how 3D printing is transforming business models by creating unprecedented operational efficiency and accelerating timeto-market. We’ll investigate companies around the world who are transforming their business models with supply chain efficiencies, product customization and digitization of their production lines. Looking ahead, the audience will understand the way 3D printing is coming of age and reinventing the value chain – empowering organizations to be more competitive and solidify market leadership in this evolving business environment.


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