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Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen (DO) may be a relative measure of the quantity of oxygen (O2) dissolved in water.

Dissolved Oxygen is that the amount of gaseous oxygen (O2) dissolved within the water. Oxygen enters the water by direct absorption from the atmosphere, by rapid movement, or as a waste of plant photosynthesis. Water temperature and therefore the volume of moving water can affect dissolved oxygen levels.

Oxygen gets into the water by diffusion from the atmosphere, aeration of the water because it tumbles over rocks and waterfalls, and as a product of photosynthesis. The oxygen content of water will decrease when there's a rise in nutrients and organic materials from industrial wastewater, sewage discharges, and runoff from the land. (Most frequent and essential land uses like farming which produce more nutrients in runoff rather than native forest.) Excessive plant and algae growth and decay in response to nutrients increasing in waterways can significantly have impact on the amount of dissolved oxygen available.

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