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Common Bean

The common bean is a major grain legume consumed worldwide for its edible seeds and pods. It is a highly available in polymorphic warm-season, herbaceous annual. There are 2 plant types: erect herbaceous bushes and twining. It has a taproot with many adventitious roots. The stems of bushes are rather slender, pubescent and many-branched. In twinning types, the stems are prostrate and rise towards the end. Common beans are an important source of proteins, minerals and vitamins for many human populations. Immature pods are fresh and can be easily preserved by freezing, canning or dehydrating. Mature pods and seeds are dried. Beans are eaten boiled, baked, fried, or ground into flour. Crop residues, such as dried pods and stems (straw) and processing by-products (discarded pods, pod extremities), can be used as fodder.

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