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Articles in Press

2020: Volume 4, Issue 4

Editorial P.1-2

Editorial note for upcoming special issue: Latest trends in farming.

Author(s): Xinhua Qi


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Short Communication P.1-2

Cover Crop Management Effects on Soil C and N pool and Fresh-Market Tomato Yield.

Author(s): Rafael Muchanga A*, Hajime Araki


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Short Communication P.1-2

New method of nutrient management in hydroponics and the application for production of low potassium tomato fruit.

Author(s): Satoru Tsukagoshi*, Miho Aoki


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Short Communication P.1-2

Chestnut peels: from a food waste to a valuable and functional ingredient for cereal-based products.

Author(s): M Paciulli*, M Rinaldi, T Ganino, B Chiancone, E Chiavaro


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Short Communication P.1-2

Design and Performance Evaluation of an Indirect Solar Dryer.

Author(s): Bashir Aliyu*, Bwade EK


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