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Airway Obstruction

An airway obstruction may be a blockage in any a part of the airway. The airway may be a complex system of tubes that conveys inhaled air from your nose and mouth into your lungs. An obstruction may partially or totally prevent air from stepping into your lungs. Some airway obstructions are minor, while others are life-threatening emergencies that need immediate medical attention. Children have a better risk of obstruction by foreign objects than adults. They’re more likely to stay toys and other small objects in their noses and mouths. they'll also fail to chew food well before swallowing.

Other risk factors for airway obstruction include:

severe allergies to insect stings like those from bees or to foods like peanuts birth defects or inherited diseases which will cause airway problems smoking neuromuscular disorders and other conditions that cause people to possess a difficult time swallowing food properly
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