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Ultra-fast high-pitch dual-source Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography (CTPA) with free breathing: A comparison to conventional standard-pitch single-source CTPA imaging

28th International Conference on Nursing Care
May 23-24, 2019 | Vienna, Austria

Arulanantham Zechariah Jebakumar

Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Scientific Tracks Abstracts : J Intensive Crit Care Nurs


Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a life-threatening condition if left untreated. Clinical presentation may be acute or chronic, and commonly associated with deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Acute pulmonary embolism is the third most common cardiovascular emergency, after coronary artery disease and stroke. Diagnosis of pulmonary embolism now relies mostly on pulmonary Computed Tomography Angiography (CTA).

Advances in scanner technology has developed Spectral CT (also called dual-source or dual-energy CT) that has become a major trend in the coming years. Dual-source CT with two X-ray tubes and two detectors mounted over a CT gantry has the potential to overcome limitations of conventional multidetector row CT (MDCT) systems, such as temporal resolution.

Very few studies have been published in Saudi Arabia that showed improved diagnostic capabilities of dual-source CT scanners in pulmonary CTA studies. Therefore, we aim to compare image quality and use of high-pitch dual-source CT with the standard-pitch conventional single-source CT in detection of acute pulmonary embolism in this region.


Arulanantham Zechariah Jebakumar is an Assistant Professor in Clinical Research at Prince Sultan Military College of Health Sciences from August 2010 to till date. He carries a vast experience in the field of research having strong foundation gained in Christian Medical College, India. He has a right mix of a teacher and consultant researcher; he had a tenure at Apollo Hospitals Group as Senior Consultant for clinical trials involved in studies that influenced regulations and quality definition. His friendly nature and willingness to learn and share the knowledge amongst peers. He is an invited consultant for Down syndrome federation of India and advisor and board member in Biostatistics Association of India (Madras University). He has his Ph.D. in the title of “Survival of Lung Cancer” from Madras University, India. He has published nearly 32 publications in various Medical fields in the reputed Journals. He is a Consultant Researcher and an Editorial Committee Board Member for 25 Life Science Journals in Pharma Intelligence Pvt. ltd., in India from August 2011 to till date. He is also a member of Eastern Province IRB (Institutional Review Board), in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

E-mail: [email protected]

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