Journal of Intensive and Critical Care Nursing

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Articles in Press

2021: Volume 4, Issue 6

Short Communication P.1-2

Systematic review tips to aid critical care nurses practice

Author(s): Seyed Afshin Shorofi

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Mini Review P.1-3

Unexplored challenges medical mothers in COVID-19

Author(s): Bendu Dawola*

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Commentary P.1-2

Management of drug shortages induced by COVID-19 pandemic.

Author(s): Sumaira Omer*

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2021: Volume 4, Issue 4

Editorial P.1-1

Effects of inflavonoid intensive care.

Author(s): Eva Ellingsen

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Editorial P.2-2

Role of pulse oximeter during COVID-19 second wave.

Author(s): Morteza Sureda

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Editorial P.3-3

Short note on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Author(s): Roger Wilson

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2021: Volume 4, Issue 3

Research Article P.1-5

Considering new methods for COVID 19 resisting

Author(s): Jiayi Zhang*


2020: Volume 3, Issue 3

Editorial P.1-1

Support the research in the field of nursing and medicine.

Author(s): SM Motahar Hossain*

DOI: 10.35841/critical-care-nursing.3.3.1.

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