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Short Communication - Journal of Food Technology and Preservation (2017) Volume 1, Issue 2

Short commentary on role and activity of ultra sound procedure: innovation in food technology.

Vincent John*

Department of Food Science, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Argentina

*Corresponding Author:
Vincent John
Food Technology and Nutrition
Universidade de Sao Paulo
Tel: +55 11 3091-3116
E-mail: [email protected]

Accepted date: June 02, 2017

Citation: John V. Short commentary on role and activity of ultra sound procedure: innovation in food technology. J Food Technol Pres. 2017;1(2):3-4

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The utilization of ultrasound inside the nourishment business has been a subject of innovative work for some a long time and, just like the case in different regions, the sound reaches utilized can be separated fundamentally into high recurrence, low vitality, analytic ultrasound in the MHz run and low recurrence, high vitality, control ultrasound in the kHz extend. Up to a couple of years prior the larger part of utilizations furthermore, improvements included nonintrusive investigation with specific reference to sustenance quality evaluation, e.g. by observing the weakening of a ultrasound beat it has demonstrated conceivable to decide the level of homogenization of fat inside drain . The level of emulsification in such materials can likewise be assessed by the estimation of ultrasound speed in conjunction with weakening. It is conceivable to decide elements, for example, the level of "creaming" (or 'settling') of a specimen, i.e. the development of strong particles/fat beads to the surface (or, on the other hand to the base). Such data gives subtle elements, for case, of the long haul steadiness of organic product juices and the steadiness of emulsions, for example, mayonnaise. The blend of speed and weakening estimations demonstrates guarantee as a technique for the examination of consumable fats and oils and for the assurance of the degree of crystallization and softening in scattered emulsion machinery bead.


Food processing, Nutrition, Ultrasound, Machinery, Cleaning.


One of the major since quite a while ago settled modern utilizations of energy ultrasound is for cleaning and it has turned out to be a to a great degree proficient innovation. Ultrasound is especially helpful in surface sterilization where the inrush of liquid which goes with cavitation crumple close to a surface is non-symmetric. This capable fly will oust earth and microbes from surfaces. The specific preferred standpoint of ultrasonic cleaning in this setting is that it can achieve fissure that are not effortlessly come to by traditional cleaning techniques. To be sure, a general patent has been connected for relating to the utilization of ultrasound as a strategy for purification, sanitization and disinfecting of instruments and surfaces utilized inside the therapeutic, surgical, dental and sustenance handling enterprises [1].

Strategy of Cells and Their Role

There are various cases of the utilization of ultrasound to build the creation of nourishment items through the upgrade of productivity of entire cells country, starting development rate and decreased aging circumstances it is additionally an adversary to concoction medicines and could prompt clean "natural" cultivating. Ultrasonically fortified seed germination offers the likelihood of expanded efficiency for huge scale cultivate crops and in more broad agriculture. Farming harvest yields are subject to the nature of the plant assortment and on the rate seed germination and development. There are a few reports in the writing which propose that ultrasonic treatment of seeds before sowing is a successful strategy for improving crop yield. Ordinarily this includes treatment of the seeds suspended in water which aids the breaking of torpidity [2,3].

General Destruction by Internal Chemicals in Sonification

One of the major long-established industrial applications of power ultrasound is for cleaning and it has proved to be an extremely efficient technology. Ultrasound is particularly useful in surface decontamination where the inrush of fluid which accompanies cavitation collapse near a surface is nonsymmetric. This powerful jet will dislodge dirt and bacteria from surfaces. The particular advantage of ultrasonic cleaning in this context is that it can reach crevices that are not easily reached by conventional cleaning methods. Indeed, a general patent has been applied for pertaining to the use of ultrasound as a method of pasteurization, sterilization and decontamination of instruments and surfaces used within the medical, surgical, dental and food processing industries.

Main Role of Ultrasound in the Extraction Process of Meat

Firmly connected with extraction is the system utilized for the generation of handled meats. For the most part this includes tumbling the meat particles with a watery alcohol containing salt. Ultrasound helps the procedure by disturbing the meat myofibrils which discharges a sticky exudate and this ties the meat together and prompts an expansion in the quality of the changed item. The coupling quality, water holding limit, item shading and yields were analyzed after treatment either with salt tumbling, sonication or both. Tests which got both salt treatment and sonication were predominant in all qualities. Comparable outcomes were gotten from an investigation of the impact of sonication on cured annoyed Heavy pig meat [4,5].


The utilization of ultrasound in handling makes novel and intriguing procedures which are frequently correlative to traditional systems. It has demonstrated especially helpful in disinfection, extraction, solidifying and filtration giving decreased handling times and expanded productivity. Current reviews have recognized various different ranges including the incitement of living cells and catalysts, enhanced handling of transformed meat and grain treatment. There is wide extension for further research into the utilization of ultrasound in sustenance handling both from a modern and scholastic perspective.


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