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Editorial - Journal of Food Science and Nutrition (2021) Volume 4, Issue 1

Nutritional deficiencies.

Laila Hussein*

WHO Crop Biofortification and Public Health strategy, New York, USA

Corresponding Author:
Laila Hussein
WHO Crop Biofortification and Public Health Strategy
New York

Accepted date: January 20, 2021

Citation: Hussein L. Nutritional deficiencies. J Food Sci Nutr. 2021;4(1):1.

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Nutritional deficiency happens once the body doesn’t absorb or get from food the required quantity of a nutrient. Deficiencies will result in a spread of health issues. These will embrace digestion issues, skin disorders, scrawny or defective bone growth, and even insanity. The quantity of every nutrient you must consume depends on your age. Several foods that you simply render the grocery like cereals, bread, and milk are fortified with nutrients that are required to forestall biological process deficiency.


Nutritional deficiency, Anaemia, Genetic abnormality, Malnutrition, Iron Deficiency.


Primary nutritional deficiency, it in the main happens as aresult of an individual doesn’t get enough of bound important nutrients and it may be resolved by uptake foods or taking supplements to supply the missing nutrients. Secondary nutritional deficiency it happens once the body’s ability to soak up nutrients is proscribed by a medical condition or ill health like disorder, mucoviscidosis, genetic abnormality, duct gland insufficiency and pernicious anaemia. Deficiency disease because of secondary biological process deficiency may be tougher to treat than primary biological process deficiency [1].


Malnutrition refers to once a person’s diet doesn't give enough nutrients or the correct balance of nutrients for best health. Deficiency disease happens once an individual gets an excessive amount of or insufficient of sure nutrients. Below nutrition happens after they lack nutrients as a result of they eat insufficient food overall. Causes of deficiency disease embrace inappropriate dietary selections, an occasional financial gain, issue getting food, and varied physical and psychological state conditions [2].

Iron Deficiency

The most widespread biological process deficiency worldwide is iron deficiency. Iron deficiency will cause anemia. This is often a blood disease that causes fatigue, weakness, and a spread of different symptoms. Iron is found in foods like dark bowery greens, red meat, and egg yolks. It helps your body create red blood cells. Once you’re iron-deficient, your body produces fewer red blood cells. The red blood cells it produces area unit smaller and paler than healthy blood cells [3]. They’re additionally less economical at delivering to your tissues and organs.

Vitamin Deficiency

The most frequent aliment deficiency includes vitamin B deficiency vitamin b9, cyanocobalamin deficiency & fat soluble vitamin deficiency. B Vitamins helps the body to convert food into energy. They perform necessary functions within the body. Their deficiencies are often treated by uptake a healthy diet.


It is possible to be deficient in virtually each nutrient. That said, the deficiencies listed higher than are out and away the foremost common. Children, young girls, older adults, vegetarians, and vegans appear to be at the very best risk of many deficiencies. The simplest thanks to forestall deficiency are to eat a diet that has whole, nutrient-dense foods. However, supplements could also be necessary for those that can’t acquire enough from diet alone [4].


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